Thursday, March 6, 2008

OSS to the rescue for BPEL/ESB

Several of my customers are small independent start-ups that are heavily involved with OSS. Just recently a Web Service integration highlighted the amount of Java code necessary to broker interactions with external partners. The decision was made to examine the OSS marketplace for an ESB and BPEL development tools.

I will be examining the BPEL Project from Eclipse, Apache ODE and Apache ServiceMix. I was very suprised at the quality of Apache CXF and its inclusion in the ServiceMix container was one of the factors in proceeding with this evaluation.

The goal of the evaluation is to show the ability to compose a task service that will create users in two separate services (Apache CXF and Microsoft .Net). In addition, some of the mediation facilities will be examined for simplicity and flexibility.

Does anyone have thoughts on ServiceMix?

I may also attend a session at Sun related to their ESB/WS Tools next week. If I attend I will post my thoughts and how it rates with the niche Cape Clear solution and Apache solutons.


Raul said...

Hi Christopher,

I am also evaluating the following Open Source ESBs: ServiceMix, Mule, WSO2 and Open ESB. What have your findings been on ServiceMix so far?
Did you manage to attend the Sun session you mentioned on your post?

It would be nice to carry on discussing about the difference between ESBs and their suitability for different integration projects.

My email: raulvk {at} gmail . com


criley said...

Hi Raul,

Once I have done further examination, I will post here and email you.

Unfortunately I caught the flu last week and the Sun session was filled. So two strikes against me!

From my days at Cape Clear, I am interested in an ESB that supports BPEL for composition of services along with Mediation capabilities (XSLT, Multi-Transport, Routing). ServiceMix appears to support all these and thus my interest.

I am not sure if Mule/Open ESB does and I am not familiar enough with WS02 other than its use of Axis2. More to come!