Monday, February 15, 2010

Wiseclouds: Eating the Dog Food

As part of our development of WiseClouds, it is important that we demonstrate our agnostic nature in evolving the company and its technologies. The site itself is a Google Apps Engine based with integrations into and Amazon EC2. We will also include Azure in the future along with WordPress for blogging services. This simple example allows us to demonstrate the use of PaaS, IaaS and Saas.

Wiseclouds is out

As part of my own transformation to work with customers in new and interesting ways, I am collaborating with a team at WiseClouds to bring cloud computing training and consulting to a wider audience. Similar and yet different then SOA, Cloud means many things but is already proving its value in a few customers I work with and is on many a tongue in IT.

Anyway, check out what we are working towards which is generating very useful training content along with a group of experienced practitioners in Service and Cloud Computing technologies.