Tuesday, July 31, 2007

WS-* Bloat, what is actually being used

Below is a list of WS/XML Specifications that I have implemented with customers that are in production or in pilot mode. The first generation specifications (XML Schema, XSLT/XPath, SOAP, WSDL) are used widely. The second/third generation specifications would be BPEL and the WS-* standards.

  • SOAP
  • WSDL
  • XML Schema - Pretty much the standard for data definition and more powerful than DTDs (nothing new here).
  • XSLT/XPath - Standard for data transformation (haven't used XQuery yet).
  • BPEL - Standard for Orchestration Web Services
  • WS-RM - only have used it at one client but it provides reliability as advertised.
  • WS-Security - not used in production but have several customers moving to it for up-coming releases.
  • WS-Addressing - examining this and other specifications for a routing road map. Not currently used in production work that I have performed.

So as you can see there are still a lot of missing specifications that are floating in the WS-* ether as well as UDDI (an unpopular specification in project based SOA). The above is based on a sampling of 200+ customers that I have worked with from 2002.

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