Friday, August 8, 2008

XACML: An option for authorization

I am currently taking the next step in security development learning about XACML from In the scenario that I am working on with the client, there Identity Management Solution will be acting as the Policy Authoring Point whereas the ESB that we have deployed will act as a Policy Enforcement Point and Policy Decision Point. Due to the fact that we have a clustered ESB a decision that we are mulling over is whether to have a central/shared directory for XACML Policies or use the support for XACML Request/Responses to do it real time. Our concern is the latency especially in a high volume environment and we are currently steering towards a shared directory. This will allow each ESB to take a portion of the load and keep the processing local.

As part of a SOA Solution we will be using Service Agents or Intermediaries to support the authentication (SAML) and authorization (XACML). The ESB provides out of the box interceptors for both of these and only requires that the Service Consumer be able to interact with the SAML Provider.

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