Friday, April 4, 2008

Deployment / Test of simple BPEL Process in Apache ODE

In my previous post I spoke of the configuration / startup of Apache ODE. This morning I deployed one of the examples and tested it using the provided utility and SOAPUI. A couple of things were necessary to do this:

1) New processes are stored in a folder with the process name and include:
- BPEL File
- WSDL(s) File
- deploy.xml (deployment descriptor)
- other necessary files
2) The folder is stored under the directory.
3) On startup the server will load the processes and report on it within the server log file as shown below:

4) The Apache ODE User Guide then describes a way to test services using a script called under the Apache ODE Distribution bin directory. To get this to run I needed to open up permissions using chmod. One this was complete the syntax for executing this is:

/bin/ (URL to the web service) (SOAP file sample)

or in the case of what is provided in the distro:

/bin/ http://localhost:8080/ode/processes/helloWorld examples/HelloWorld2/testRequest.soap

When executed the following is returned in the client window:

The tomcat/catalina server window shows the following:

5) Testing in SOAPUI, the following was executed and the results are shown in the following image:
- Created new project in SOAPUI
- Selected WSDL
- Generated a message
- Invoked Service


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