Monday, December 10, 2007

Thomas Erl SOA Training

Last week I was able to participate in training provided by Thomas Erl and his SOA Systems consulting organization. Being a fan of his books and how they crystallize the SOA concepts and associate them to the Web Services Standards, I was very excited to participate. Unfortunately I was only able to partake in 2 of the 4 days. These days focused on the SOA Methodology he has been working on namely SOA Modeling, SOA Analysis and the beginnings of SOA Design.

Through his various books such as SOA Principles of Service Design and Service-Oriented Architecture a process of examining a current business process was defined. During the process, services are logically grouped into task, entity and utility. Each of these denotes a certain level of capability or interaction. The Modeling/Analysis phases help identify which bucket they belong in and confirm they follow his 8 SOA Principals such as Autonomy, Stateleness etc.

What did I get out of the session? Simply put a methodology that allowed the team I was working with to break a current process into its core services and model the message exchanges that would occur if implemented. This was done at a high level but demonstrated a simple approach that allowed both developers and a business analyst to communicate effectively.

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