Wednesday, November 7, 2007

SOA Training, what is it?

Based on my current role as an independent consultant I have run into several clients looking to develop SOA technical skills inside the organization. Due to my Web Services lineage, I of course look at the SOA solution set via the W3C and OASIS toolbox. From a training perspective I highly recommend the Cape Clear Developer site for two training facilities:

1) XML Schema / SOAP/ WSDL


I am looking for some decent tutorials on XSLT/XPath. Currently I have been using the and O'Reilly. If you have any suggestions on alternative tutorials/locations let me know. 

3) SOA Specific Articles / Books

Thomas Erl and his series of publications are a must. and

Finally although not specifically for SOA but rather all the other technologies like  AJAX, OOAD, HTML etc the Head First series from O'Reilly is excellent.  

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