Saturday, August 25, 2007

Applying JUnit/XMLUnit to Web Services

As part of developing an agile SOA environment for a couple of clients, testing becomes a critical component. So perusing through cyberspace, I came upon an excellent and simple approach towards this goal. Check out . This article brings an Apache Commons HTTP Client, JUnit and XMLUnit to bear. The result is a reusable client that posts a SOAP request and writes the SOAP response received to the file system. Then XMLUnit methods are used to provide comparisons between the actual response and the desired response (stored in another file). This approach works well for Request/Response services.

The challenge I have is that my most important client does not have this style of service. Rather they are using One-Way/JMS style of communications. My thoughts here are centering around the use of a centrally available file system or database. Each of the SOAP Intermediaries would need to store the inbound and outbound requests to this storage point. Once the overall cycle is complete, the same XMLUnit features could be used to compare the entire request lifecycle.

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